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 TheGardenArtForum.Com has made special arrangements with Amazon.Com to bring you the very best garden art & related craft titles they have available, right here on our site!  Check out the fabulous & informative Book, DVD & Video collection we have put together just for our members.  They even include a few very old & hard to find volumes.  Books so hard to come by that there are a few that you will have to just submit an order for and hope for the best.  I acquired a couple of these very early works that way a few years ago and I can tell you…they were worth the wait (of course, I am an old book nut as well as a cement-head).  Take a look. They range from hard-core “How-To’s” to inspirational, but they are all on subject.  And if you have a title you are searching for, let us know.  We’ll do everything we can to locate it & make it available right here on TGAF.hublot classic fusion replicaBOOKSCreating with Concrete 
Author: Sherri Warner Hunter; Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden 
Author: Sherri Warner Hunter; Buy New: $15.72 Concrete pottery and garden furniture    Published in 1917Hard to get but worth the wait.Author: Ralph C Davison;No Pic AvailableMens Sweatshirts Wholesale 
Moulds for cast stone and concrete products,        Published in 1937Another Real Jewel
Author: F Burren;Concrete PublicationsNo Pic Available Sculpting With Cement 
Author: Lynn Olson; Buy New: $30.00No Pic Available Concrete, Cements, Mortars, Artificial Marbles, Plaste…      Originally published in 1916, Excellent Information
Author: Fred T. Hodgson; Buy New: $47.50 Working with Concrete 
Author: Rick Arnold; Buy New: $12.97 Complete Masonry
Author: Steve Cory; Buy New: $12.97 The Los Angeles Watts TowersAuthor: Bud Goldstone; Buy New: $24.95Has some actual “How-To” info.  Build your own! Making Gardens Works of Art 
Author: Keeyla Meadows; Buy New: $14.27History of Garden Art 
Author: Marie-Luise Gothein;
No Pic AvailableDecorating Inside and Out 
Author: Inc. Leisure Arts; Buy New: $19.95Nek Chand’s Outsider Art 
Author: Lucienne Piery; Buy New: $31.50Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers 
Author: Elizabeth Gardner; Buy New: $14.95Building for the Garden 
Author: Michael Green;Terence Conran’s Garden DIY 
Author: Terence Conran;The Garden of Art 
Author: Don Kerr; Buy New: $18.87Concrete art 
Author: The Concrete Society; Buy New: $10.00No Pic Available
Introduction to Concrete Acid Staining 
Author: Bridgeworks Publishing; Buy New: $16.95Decorative Outdoor Crafts 
Author: Helen Levien; Buy New: $12.97Tiger Balm Gardens 
Author: Judith Brandel; Buy New: $60.00Mosaic Stepping Stones for Beginners 
Author: Roy Kapp; Buy New: $12.95Outdoor Stonework 
Author: Alan Bridgewater; Buy New: $11.67Building Garden Ornaments 
Author: The Editors of Creative Publishing i…; Buy New: $10.17Making Most of Outdoor Spaces 
Author: Gilly Love; Buy New: $19.95Two-Hour Garden Art 
Author: Ruby Begonia;Front Yard & 
Author: Jeni Webber; Buy New: $14.99Handcrafted Garden Accents 
Author: Dawn Anderson; Buy New: $21.95Garden Whimsy 
Author: Tovah Martin; Buy New: $30.00Garden Ornament      Smith & Hawken
Author: Linda Joan Smith; Buy New: $22.95The Well-Decorated Garden 
Author: Laura Dover Doran;Garden Crafts 
Author: Geraldine Rudge;New Decorated Garden
Author: Elspeth Thompson; Buy New: $27.50Making Garden Ornaments 
Author: Simona Hill; Buy New: $11.95Decorate Your Garden 
Author: Mary Keen; Buy New: $24.95Garden Ornaments 
Author: E. Ashley Rooney; Buy New: $34.95Garden Projects 
Author: Robert Gandy; Buy New: $12.95A Garden Gallery 
Author: George Little; Buy New: $18.87Surreal Eden 
Author: Margaret Hooks; Buy New: $22.02
Las Pozas. The magical city built by Edward James in the jungles of Mexico. Antoni Gaudi 
Author: Jeremy Roe; Buy New: $25.17Antonio Gaudi 
Author: Juan Bassegoda Nonell; Buy New: $22.05Gaud√≠ of Barcelona 
Author: Luis Permanyer; Buy New: $31.50 DVD’sConcrete Countertops DIY   Fu-Tung Cheng
Buy New: $19.95