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The information here represents a distillation of the technical material related to creating ferrocement Faux Bois and working with cement as an art medium as well as many of the more interesting links collected over the years. I hope you find something useful as well as entertaining.


Faux Bois” is French for “False Wood” and is a form of sculpture in which representations of old weathered wood and wooden objects are created in cementitious materials. This work is typically built up on a framework of steel rebar known as an armature. It is generally regarded as having originated in France.

Trabajo Rustico” is Spanish for “Rustic Work” and is considered to have originated in Mexico. It is a branch of Faux Bois sculpture that is distinguished by the use of a neat cement paste final finish which holds a much higher degree of detail than the sanded mortar mix common to European Faux Bois. All of my work has been executed using the techniques of Trabajo Rustico.

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All of the items above are sculpted cement media in the Trabajo Rustico style by Donald Tucker


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Cement, Concrete & Hypertufa Glossary

Definitions & explanations for many of the often confusing terms, materials, products & processes associated with these mediums. Without a doubt…the most comprehensive listing of information for cement media artists anywhere on the web!

Map to Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio
Map to Historic Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico installations in San Antonio

David Adickes – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Project
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Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio, Texas
Many remarkable works, both public & private, old & new, abound in this city.  Some are well known, others rarely seen, but all are a testament to the creative skills and craftsmanship of the artists who created them.

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A variety of informative & handy links to other great sites for info related to Cement, Concrete, Hypertufa & Sculpting

Simply Amazing Places
Here are a few of the truly magical places around the world.  Mystifying, awe-inspiring and artful.  Enjoy!

Cement Color Reference Info
Here you will find a one-of-a-kind set of printable PDF’s that provide a very thorough overview of various coloring options available for cement-based materials.  They include application techniques, permanence ratings, manufacturers and a whole lot more!

Handy Measurement Equivalents & Material Weights
Conversions for Those Kitchen Implements Your Spouse is Missing!

The Mix Menu
Formulas for Mixing Concrete, Cement & Hypertufa

Mixing Basics
Hints & Tips to Help Make Your Mix Turn Out Right

Corrosion of Nonferrous Metals in Contact With Concrete or Mortar
A handy reference if you are considering “alternative” materials for reinforcement

How to Calculate How Much of What You Need In Any Mix
Use the Same Techniques the Pros Use to Calculate Volume & Weight!

Tricks of the (Cement) Trade
A few random techniques & ideas gleaned from the pros.

Tools, Gadgets & Other Handy Stuff
This section is for all those helpful gadgets, widgets, homemade devices, and even a few real tools that help get the job done.

Concrete Sealers: A Guide for Artists & Crafters
Here’s a handy little guide that hopefully helps demystify some of the basic issues about Concrete Sealer usage.

Safety Considerations for Artists Working with Cement-Based Media & Related Products
Some basic safety considerations that anyone working with cement-based media should take the time to read.