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Tutorials. Now & to Come... ťAnnouncements
Tips, tricks & techniques from professional artists & craftspeople.
Our "Member Tutorials" Section Just Keeps Growing! (07/02/2006)
Faux Bois on HGTV! ťAnnouncements
When the good folks at HGTV asked me to let them film how a Faux Bois table is made for their TV show  "That's Clever" could I say no?  Here is a "sneak peek" at some of the steps involved, as well as the "Hero" (which I learned is TV talk for the finished item).  This episode finally aired in June or July of 2009.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Project ťAnnouncements
A TGAF Exclusive Interview With Internationally Acclaimed Artist & Sculptor, David Adickes.  Update: Meet The Beatles!
Map to Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio ťAnnouncements
Map to Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio (02/08/2016)
Great Book About Dionicio Rodriguez's Faux Bois Work & Life ťAnnouncements
Hello All. Just in case you haven't heard about it, Patsy Pittman Light has a book out on the life & work of master Faux Bois craftsman Dionicio Rodriguez.  He was the great uncle of my friend and colleague Carlos Cortes who created an amazing body of work from about 1920 up to the mid '50's.  Patsy spent over ten years researching this book and it covers not only his projects in San Antonio, Texas, but all across the US including many that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  You can find it on Amazon via the link below and it is a "must read" for any fans of Faux Bois and El Trabajo Rustico.

Capturing Nature: The Cement Sculpture of Dionicio Rodriguez
by Patsy Pittman Light
David Adickes - The Sorcerer's Apprentice Project ťAnnouncements
TGAF's exclusive interview with internationally renowned artist & sculptor, David Adickes (02/07/2007)
TGAF Members Gallery ťAnnouncements
We have more than a few highly creative folks here on TGAF.  And many of the projects they have completed deserve a place where everyone can enjoy and be inspired by them far beyond the lifespan of the forum.  We are therefore happy to announce a new permanent feature...The TGAF Members Gallery.  Take a look at what some of these folks have managed to accomplish with a few basic materials...and a whole lot of talent. (04/25/2007)
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