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Articles of Interest ╗News Articles

Texas based Faux Bois artisans:  Carlos Cortes
& Donald R. Tucker

Cool Stuff for Crafty People! ╗News Articles
Introducing two GAF original collections for the "Crafty Crowd".
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Faux Bois Classes for 2016 ╗News Articles
Faux Bois Sculpting Classes for 2016

The only round of classes for 2016 will be in August in San Antonio, Texas hosted by The Southwest School of Art.  They will include "An Introduction to Ferrocement Faux Bois" and the "Advanced Faux Bois Sculpting" classes.

For the dates, details and registration links, click the link below...

Faux Bois Sculpting Classes for 2016

Big List of FREE Woodworking Plans! ╗News Articles
Hi Folks.  Here is a large listing of FREE woodworking plans available from all over the Net.  There are no paid advertisers here, just good sources for nifty plans.  There is one "pay for the plans" site included, but they had such interesting antique wooden toys I stuck them in there anyway.  And if any of you know of some really good reference sites on the subject, let me know & I'll include them for everyone to share. (08/28/2006)
Links to Some Great Ceramic & Mosaic Info Online! ╗News Articles
Here are some links that lead to a host of sites that are as useful as they are fascinating.  But be warned...some of them are capable of keeing you glued for hours!  And, as always, if you know of any others in this category that offer inspration, info or both...please let us know and we will add them to the list. (01/24/2007)
Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio, Texas ╗News Articles
I am continuing my research into the many remarkable works, both public & private, old & new, that abound in this city. They will be presented here as I am able to gather photos and information on them.  Some are well known, others rarely seen, but all are a testament to the creative skills and craftsmanship of the artists who constructed them.

As this list grows, I will also try and construct a map indicating the location of the various works
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Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio, Texas ╗News Articles
Take a look at what will soon become the most complete photographic record anywhere of San Antonio's amazing collection of this remarkable art form.  For the uninitiated, Faux Bois & El Trabajo Rustico are two very nearly lost schools of art that interpret the look, texture and form of ancient, weathered wood and wooden objects in hand sculpted cement.  The images and documentation covers public & private works created from the 1920's to the present day by a handful of highly skilled artisans.

Click Here to See Them (01/20/2009)
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