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Map to Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio ╗Announcements
Map to Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio (02/08/2016)
David Adickes - The Sorcerer's Apprentice Project ╗Announcements
TGAF's exclusive interview with internationally renowned artist & sculptor, David Adickes (02/07/2007)
Resident Sandcasting Expert Andre Gandin ╗Member Spotlight
Sandcasting is another of those ancient & forgotten arts that craftspeople today can revive, learn, profit from and generally have a heck of a lot of fun with!   Here's a Pro who does it daily! (05/16/2006)
NEW! TGAF Member Websites & Photo Albums ╗Member Spotlight
Faux Bois & Trabajo Rustico in San Antonio, Texas ╗News Articles
I am continuing my research into the many remarkable works, both public & private, old & new, that abound in this city. They will be presented here as I am able to gather photos and information on them.  Some are well known, others rarely seen, but all are a testament to the creative skills and craftsmanship of the artists who constructed them.

As this list grows, I will also try and construct a map indicating the location of the various works
breitling chronomat evolution replica (01/19/2009)
Artful Gardens, Garden Centers & Arboretums ╗Nifty Links
People & Places That Bring a Little Art Into the World! (05/23/2006)
The Weird & The Wonderful! ╗Nifty Links
Roadside Art, Yard Art & Otherwise Strangely Wonderful Stuff From All Around the Globe!  Works great & small by some of the most marvelously eccentric & creative folks on the planet! (05/23/2006)
LINK - O - RAMA ╗Nifty Links
A variety of informative & handy links to other great sites for info related to Cement, Concrete, Hypertufa & Sculpting (05/24/2006)
Simply Amazing Places ╗Nifty Links
Here are a few of the truly magical places around the world.  Mystifying, awe inspiring and artful.  As with the rest of TGAF, we will add more as we find them. (01/10/2007)
Cement Color Reference Info ╗Technical Library
Here you will find a one-of-a-kind set of printable PDF's that provide a very thorough overview of various coloring options available for cement-based materials.  They include application techniques, permanence ratings, manufacturers and a whole lot more! (05/16/2006)
Cement, Concrete & Hypertufa Glossary ╗Technical Library
Definitions & explanations for many of the often confusing terms, materials, products & processes associated with these mediums. (04/21/2006)
Handy Measurement Equivalents & Material Weights ╗Technical Library
Conversions for Those Kitchen Implements Your Spouse is Missing! (05/18/2006)
The Mix Menu ╗Technical Library
Formulas for Mixing Concrete, Cement & Hypertufa (05/17/2006)
Mixing Basics ╗Technical Library
Hints & Tips to Help Make Your Mix Turn Out Right (06/02/2006)
Corrosion of Nonferrous Metals in Contact With Concrete or Mortar ╗Technical Library
A handy reference if you are considering "alternative" materials for reinforcement (05/26/2006)
How to Calculate How Much of What You Need In Any Mix ╗Technical Library
Use the Same Techniques the Pros Use to Calculate Volume & Weight! (05/26/2006)
Tricks of the (Cement) Trade ╗Technical Library
A few random techniques & ideas gleaned from the pros. (05/31/2006)
Tools, Gadgets & Other Handy Stuff ╗Technical Library
This section is for all those helpful gadgets, widgets, homemade devices and even a few real tools that help get the job done.  As always, if you have something you'd like to share...please, let us know and we'll add it to the list. (11/12/2006)
Concrete Sealers: A Guide for Artists & Crafters ╗Technical Library
Here's a handy little guide that hopefully helps demystify some of the basic issues about Concrete Sealer usage. (06/04/2007)
Safety Considerations for Artists Working with Cement-Based Media & Related Products ╗Technical Library
Some basic safety considerations that anyone working with cement-based media should take the time to read. (06/18/2009)
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