Links to Some Great Ceramic & Mosaic Info Online! 
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Inspirational & Informational Links for Ceramics & Mosaics

Mosaic Organizations & Resources

SAMA - The Society of American Mosaic Artists

MAAC - The Mosaic Art Association of Canada

BAMM - British Association for Modern Mosaic

MOS-OZ - The Mosaic Association of Australia

Passion Mosaique' - Yes, it's in French, but the pix say it all (click the Red Tile for "Galeries").

ASPROM - The Association for the Study & Preservation of Roman Mosaics

Mosaic Mercantile - Gallery of Mosaics

The Joy of Shards Mosaics Resource

The Mosaic Atlas - Mosaic Pix From Every Continent

The Mosaic ArtSource Blog - Megatons of Mosaics,You'll be There for Days!


Mosaic Artists Sites

Hannacrois/Lia Catalano - An Outstanding & Lengthly Series of Tutorials.  Thank you Lia!

The Tarot Garden/Niki de Saintphalle - Cannot be described...must be seen!

Repsyche Mosaic Art/Angela Casazza - Fun & Funky!

Mussimosaics/Cleo Mussi - Wonderful & Original Style!

Terra Firma Studios/Aly Winningham - Mosaics & A Whole Lot More!

Mosaic On A Stick /Artist-Owned- A Wonderful St. Paul, MN  Studio!

Mason Studio/Penny Mason - One of Our several Mediums!

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As this, (like everything else here) is an ongoing  "work-in-progress"... 
there will be much more to come.