Tutorials. Now & to Come... 
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At this time I have the first intallment on how to construct a round Faux Bois table in place on this site.  I also have plans for quite a few more tutorials.  These will be based primarily on my Faux Bois techniques, but many of the processes should prove to be applicable to a wide variety of sculpted concrete projects.  I am also still pressing a number of professional artists & crafters to contribute as well.

We are building a terrific "How-To" section here thanks to the members who have taken the time to record their techniques and processes.   Take a look under "Cement, Concrete & Hypertufa"...then click "Member Tutorials".  Over time, this area will hopefully become heavily populated with the work & contributions of many of the great folks who are members here.  Thanks to our Members for kicking off this very important TGAF segment!

All My Best --- Tango