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The following is mixed bag of informative and/or just plain interesting sites.  As this list builds, we will break it down into logical groupings.  For now, just take a peek at whatever sounds juicy.  And like the rest of this site...if you have something you'd like to share here, let us know.

NOTE:  The links below are from around the world and some may require translating unless your language skills are exceptional.  They are from many sources and subject to coming & going occasionally, so if you find any that are down, try back later.  If they appear to be permanently "dead", please report them to Admin and we will search for an alternative source.

PCA - The Portland Cement Association
Founded in 1916, the Portland Cement Association represents cement companies in the United States and Canada.


The Vertical Artisans Forum

Check out some really terrific work by fellow 'Cretins!  Vertical Artisans is a great combination informational website and discussion forum for anyone interested in pushing the creative limits of cement-based media.

The Concrete Network
Billed as "Earth's Largest Dierctory of Concrete Services".  And I actually believe that I may actually believe it.

Ferrocement Educational Network
Paul Sarnstrom's most excellent & infomative website.  Great technical information & resources.

The Artistic Garden
Here is a link to a great little site that has a lot of useful information & tutorials.  I am more than happy to share sites like these with all of you.

This has gotta' be the most comprehensive resource on the web for sculptors!


The Benini Foundation/Sculpture Ranch
World-class contemporary sculpture just down the road from Willie Nelson's place.


Tree Rings/Dendrochronology
The ultimate tree ring pages anywhere.  This is the guy that figured out why Stradivari violins are uneqaulled in sound.  Handy reference for imitating wood too!


The Geopolymer Institute
Here is one serious scientists view of how the pyramids were built.  He says they are not carved stone at all...but a type of cast-in-place concrete!


The Monolithic Dome Institute
You want REALLY BIG, thin shell concrete?...Take a look


One Dome Home

This is probably the most famous DomeHome of them all.  Great looking & just about indestructable.  Tons of interesting pix in the gallery.


Green Home Building

According to Kermit..."it's not easy being green"...but it's very cool!  Artful too!


Some Great 'Tufa Designs From New Zealand

Hypertufa from the land that looks suspiciously like "Middle Earth".


And Some More Great 'Tufa Designs From Canada

Tropical designs from Vancover Island???  Must be a global warming thing.

Tsui Design & Research (see "Architecture" in particular)

Technologos – "A Short History of Concrete" (short but good)

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Pozzolans by Uwe Brunjes

Steve Kornhers’ Fabulous Flying Concrete Pages


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