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This is a lisiting of links to some of the world's most unusual outdoor art by a host of genuinely original & unique artists from all around the globe.  Many of these folks dedicated a large part of their lives to creating some of these projects.   Often alone, against all odds, and against all bureaucrats.  Let this then be a celebration of their spirit, tenacity and creativity.  No matter how strange!  The urge to create is indeed a powerful & moving force.  Bless them all!

Anytime we have been able to find a good book on any of these works or artists, we have indicated it in red above the link.  And if you know of any others, please...send us the link!  If you have something truly unique in your area, we will submit it to the folks at Roadside America.Com.   They are constantly searching for & cataloging the unusual.

NOTE:  The links below are from all around the world and some may require translating unless your language skills are vastly superior to mine.  They are also from many sources replica franck muller long island watches and some are subject to coming & going occasionally, so if you find any that are down, try back later.  If they appear to be permanently "dead", please report them to Admin and we will search for an alternative source.

Watts Towers, Simon Rodia
- Los Angeles, California
One of the most amazing works of art ever accomplished by one man!
...and some great shots in a Flikr Album...

Fred Smith's Concrete Park - Phillips, Wisconson
One man's vision of what sculpture ought to be.
Courtesy of Roadside America.Com

Wickham Stone Park, Enoch Tanner Wickham - Near Palmyra, Tennessee
20 years worth of Concrete Folk art.

Stark's Glen, Glenn Stark - Kingman, Kansas 
Wood & Concrete make up this wonderful collection.

The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art - Houston, Texas
A whole collection of Texas-style home grown art oddities.

Chauvin Sculpture Garden - NSU Campus near Houma, Louisiana
A terrific collection sponsored by the Kohler Foundation (See the very last link).
and another link to Kenny Hills' work...

The Coral Castle, Ed Leedskalnin - Homestead, Florida
It defies logic & science!  The amazing life's work that one man dedicated to an unrequited love!

The Garden of Eden, Samuel P. Dinsmoor - Lucas, Kansas
"An editorial in concrete by a regional visionary".  That sounds so much better than "Ceement yard art by the local wacko"!  Either way, you gotta' love it!

The Roadside Gallery - All Over the US
A website showcasing roadside oddities including a lot of concrete stuff.

Mary Nohl's House, Mary Nohl  -  Fox Point, Wisconson
The Extreme Yard Art of "The Witche's House".

Stonehenge Clones - All Over the US
If you've ever wanted to build one of your won't be the first!

Paradise Garden, Howard Finster - Near Summerville, Georgia
Another "man with a mission"!

Palais Ideal, Facteur Chaval - between Valence & Lyon / Vienne in Southeastern France
Fabulous French roadside art that dates back to 1879.

Musee de Robert Tatin - Robert Tatin
Another wonder of France.  Even "serious" artists can have a funky side!
Be sure to "translate" the page if your French is as bad as mine!
...and a good article about the man & his work is here...

Bottle Village, Grandma Tressa Prisbrey  -  Simi Valley, Califirnia
A senior citizen creates a Historic Landmark.

La Maison Picassiette, Raymonde Isidore - Chartres, France
Yet another French folkartist extraordinaire.  Make sure you tour all the albums, as there is a lot to see & admire.
...and the "official" website in French...

Owl House, Helen Martin & Koos Malgas  -  Eastern Cape, South Africa
Bright wonderful art & a sad, tragic story.

Various Works by Dionisio Rodriguez - All Across America
Numerous "Trabajo Rustico" projects & installations by a master craftsman.
If you've seen "Gone With The Wind", you've seen his work here...
And, some background on the man behind it all...

Las Pozas, Edward James - Outside Xilitla (in La Huasteca, in the northeastern state of Mexico, San Luis Potosi) 
The magical city built by Edward James in the jungles of Mexico.  So strange & wonderful, it was hard to decide which list to put it on so I included here as well as under "Artful Gardens".
Also see the wonderful book about the man & his passion in the Book listings on the Homepage!

Nek Chand's Gardens, Nek Chand - Chandigarh, India
Quite possibly the world's largest garden art garden!
See our Book listing on the Homepage for a great photo essay of this amazing place!

Salvation Mountain, Leonard Knight - Niland, California
This is the man-made art-mountain in the California desert near the Salton Sea.

Grandview, Nick Engelbert  -  West of Hollandale, Wisconson
What started as a pastime, is now it's own museum of art!

Tiger Balm Gardens, Aw Boon Haw  -  Hong Kong/Singapore, China
They don't get much more bizarre than this folks!  As witnessed by the fact that one of the links is by a paranormal research group!
A terrific photo tour is avaialable in our Book listing on the Homepage!

Niki de Saint Phalle -  Capalbio, Italy
Indescribable & amazing mosaic consrtucts on an enormous  scale!  Make sure to take "The Walk in the Garden"!

St. Eom's Pasaquan, Eddie Owens Martin  -  Near Buena Vista, Georgia
Yard Art as a pathway to Sainthood.  Really!

Antoni Gaudi - Spain
Yeah, yeah, I know, he was one of the greatest architects that ever lived, but his work screams "ART"!......"Strange & Wonderful Concrete ART!"
There are several remarkable books about Gaudi & his work in the Book listings on the Homepage.

Lee Koplin - Panama City Florida
How better to follow a master like Gaudi than "Goofy Golf" in Florida!

And, a Very Special "Thank You" to The Kohler Foundation of Wisconson!
A teriffic organization dedicated to the preservation of American Folk Art.  Give these folks a great big hand!