Featured Artists

Featured Artists

TheGardenArtForum.Com is pleased to share the websites of these renowned artisans & craftspeople from around the globe. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we do. Please feel free to contact us if you know of any other artists, anywhere in the world who have sites that display outstanding workmanship in any of the mediums we feature here on TGAF. We will be happy to contact them, but will only post permanent links in this area with their approval.

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Cement, Concrete & Hypertufa

Cindee Travis Klement is a former student who has taken this art to a fantastic level. Take a look at her site for some outstanding examples of Faux Bois plus work in several other media she excels in.

Darren Brazer is our very first Faux Bois artisan from the UK! Take a look at some very fine workmanship on his site. He executes a range of work in cement-based media but I am particularly impressed with his “groyne planters”. Nice work Darren!

Internationally renowned artist David Adickes may be best known as a painter, but his concrete sculptural works are hard to miss.

Solomon Bassoff and Domenica Mottarella of Faducci create some utterly wonderful, whimsical & fanciful constructs that are composites of steel, cement, and glass. Take a look at some truly masterful craftsmanship!

Deborah Brackenbury creates some of the most striking & unusual vessels you’ll see anywhere. Her technique of cleanly combining various colors of cement yields bold patterns seldom seen in this otherwise ubiquitous media.

Located northwest of Paris, Jean-Pierre Wyckhuys creates ferrocement works in the old-school tradition of the “Rocailleur “. His work & website are worth spending some time with, as both are filled with joy and surprises. The site is all in French, but the work speaks for itself in all languages.

Philadelphia based artist Katherine Stanek creates absolutely stunning cement-based sculptures that evoke the rhythm & movement of life. Using a variety of sculpting techniques she transforms this ubiquitous medium into something genuinely grand.

Now here is some really great looking cement-based work. Check out the range of materials, skill & originality of this artist. Meet Kem Alexander.

Versatile & unpredictable, Lynn DiNino has taken on and conquered many mediums, but it’s her work in sculpted concrete that has probably generated the most smiles! And, she routinely offers classes in many of her techniques.

Meet Philippe Bidault, another Faux Bois artisan from France. Located in Orleans, south of Paris, his site is also in French but the images and work tell the whole story. Bienvenue Phillipe!

Terence Eagan not only hosts a wonderful & informative site on the subject of Faux Bois, but he is single-handedly restoring the magnificent array of arbors executed at The Huntington at the beginning of the 20th century. Way to go Terry!

Sandpudding.Com…What a wonderful site! Great carved concrete artwork, and really great “How-To” info by Elder Jones. Thank you Elder!

Laurence Raphel is yet another French rocaillieur we are very proud to present here. Take a look at the classic works on his website. His style is very traditional but with some interesting twists.

Yet another rocailleur from France, Navarro Jo plies this old craft in wonderfully creative ways. His site is also in French but speaks to us all. Take a look at some classic work from the Continent.

Edward Babb is yet another self-taught artisan who is resurrecting a nearly lost craft. Beautiful hand-formed, original molds for creating custom, one-of-a-kind architectural features based on ancient & classic designs. Take a look at some impressive concrete work.

Texas based Faux Bois artist & sculptor Donald R. Tucker‘s site.

Master craftsman Carlos Cortes continues his 100-year family tradition of excellence in El Trabajo Rustico, the Spanish term for Faux Bois.

Not at all your average sculptor. T.J. Neil produces very detailed, large scale, hand laid concrete sculpture for a variety of applications.

Professional Sandcaster & Assemblage Artist Andre Gandin shows what can be done using this ancient system of mass production.

Bo Atkinson. Artist, designer, architect, inventor? Nah…too limiting. How about just all around creative guy. Great work, ideas and info on his very in-depth site.

Charles Streshley creates remarkable concrete art furniture & shares his techniques freely on his website. Thank you Charles! You can also see his work at the Smithsonian and the National Gallery next time you are in the neighborhood.

Andrew Goss is an accomplished Ontario artist whose work often incorporates cement & concrete. His Concrete + Metal Project is a wealth of information & creativity.

Bill Horst‘s James River Studio in Springfield, Missouri is a great source for a wide range of cast & sculpted art. Working primarily in cement-based media, he creates some genuinely original pieces, including those fashioned using his unique “fabric forms”. Take a look at some very fluid shapes.

Ceramics, Glass, & Mosaic Arts

I simply can’t say enough good things about Sherri Warner Hunter. Not only is her art simply amazing, but she has invested so very much of herself in sharing her skills and inspiring so many of us that we all owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you Sherri!

I had to wonder if the folks in Philly realized how lucky they were to have an artist like Isaiah Zagar in residence. Well…yes they do. They pulled together, got behind him and saved a real art treasure he’d worked on for years, turning it into a unique cultural icon that the city can truly be proud of. Take a look at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. Way to go folks! (Photo courtesy of Nikki Miller)

Kim Larson is versatile & talented, working in several different media, but her mosaics really shine. This Oakland artist takes on wide-ranging subject matter and obviously enjoys her work. I think you will too.

Phoenominal glass and a great deal more. Nani & her son Anselm Croze present a wide range of remarkable work. Spend a little time digging through the entire site. You will be inspired.

Want to see something really fauxbulous? Check out Eric Serritella‘s wonderful ceramic Faux Bois work! Stunning reality meets genuinely clever design.

Absolutely Fabulous Mosaics & Concrete Sculpture by Penny Mason. Great style and technique all rolled into one artist!

Metal Arts

Kevin Stone has taken large scale metal sculpture to a new level. His monumental works are the product of extraordinary processes combined with a tremendous amount of work. Take a look at the amazing results of this remarkable pairing!


Tim Klines‘ work justified a whole new category…Windchimes. True mixed media made from beach glass, copper, wood & whatever catches his fancy. Beautiful craftwork that adds the dimension of sound.