Artful Gardens, Garden Centers & Arboretums

This area is dedicated to those very special people who take the time to try and make the world a little more beautiful by either incorporating art into their gardens & businesses…or who encourage local artists by regularly showcasing their work.

Below are some links to some of the bright spots that I am aware of. Please share any that you are familiar with in your area by sending us a note & link.  They can be public or private and anywhere in the world, as long as they are genuinely artful in their style & presentation.  None of these links are paid advertisers, just nifty places we wanted to share with you as a way of giving credit to the folks who go the extra mile to make everyday life a little more enjoyable.  As the list grows, we may break it into regions for easier navigation.

We also have a separate list for “The Weird & The Wonderful” category of yard & roadside art.  That is where you’ll find links celebrating the true eccentrics & “outsider artists” of the world.  Folks who have their own unique and often downright strange ways of expressing themselves.  Add your own discoveries there as well by submitting your findings to the administrators!

NOTE:  The links below are from around the world and some may require translating unless your language skills are vastly superior to mine.  They are from many sources and some are subject to coming & going occasionally, so if you find any that are down, try back later.  If they appear to be permanently “dead”, please report them to Admin and we will search for an alternative source.

The Mercer Arboretum – Houston, Texas  USA
Holds several events & shows for area artists each year

The Arbor Gate –Tomball, Texas  USA
A really special little garden center that hosts its own “Art in the Garden” annually for local artists

Collaborative Concrete Art Gardens – Chicago, Illinois  USA
Phil Schuster’s Wonderful Community Art Projects

The Forest Hills Educational Trust – Boston Mass.  USA
Just possibly the most artful cemetery in the world!

The Huntington Botanical Gardens – San Marino, California  USA
Currently Constructing the World’s Largest Chinese Garden Outside of China!  Not to mention being “home” to the originals of Blue Boy & Pinkie.

Butchart Gardens – Vancouver, B.C.  Canada
The 1904 Canadian Treasure on Beautiful Vancouver Island.

Slayton Arboretum – Hillsdale, Michigan  USA
Home to the Remarkable 1930’s Concrete Bridges by Artisans Corone & Cordoza.

Maas Nursery – Seabrook, Texas  USANot the greatest website, but not to be missed in person.

Las Pozas – Outside Xilitla (in La Huasteca, in the northeastern state of Mexico, San Luis Potosi)  Mexico
The magical city built by Edward James in the jungles of Mexico.  So strange & wonderful that it was hard to decide which list to put it on…so it’s on both!

The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden – Just outside London   UK
10 acres and 100 sculptors.  All lovingly arranged & tended with keen sensibility.

Bruno’s Art & Sculpture Garden – In Marysville, East of Melbourne  AU
An absolutely magical experience Down Under assembled by artist & sculptor Bruno Torf.